Farrowed engineering
Cumulative years laid network experience, from the traditional 10/100 MCat5 / Cat6 network system, or the latest wireless network, according to the actual customers can rate and requirement, make a professional solutions.

Clients include more than Hong Kong between large enterprises and government departments laid network engineering, welcome your customers the latest network solutions.

Computer network set up
Set up computer network can put the company equipment such as computer, printer, Internet material and other digital equipment link up, make the company resources can share, help the company set up more the working process of the framework also make material more security.

To meet the company to the needs of the customer network system, the company is committed to provide comprehensive computer network, the erection schemes. We provide professional and comply with different companies that required by the system advisor, plan, design, system, computer hardware, attachment laid integrated software, technical training and examination. Must make the customer get the scheme more joint.

Computer maintenance
The leading industry support services platform is the customer to choose one of the reasons we. Our team will provide you with seven days a week, 24 hours a day online services, and in the first time meet your requirements. For the protection of intellectual property rights, we is highly valued. We believe the idea is with you to create a (win) value.

A successful business behind the scenes is complete I.T. enabler facilities. We will be based on your requirements, we will provide comprehensive support services and to ensure that you in the fierce competition in a head start.


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System maintenance and network management
Sudden accident treatment serviceProfessional I.T. and I.T. equipment advisory services and important program planning